Misconceptions we commonly hear about independant schoolwear retailers, mainly from the shopfloor:

Myth – We are loaded, drive Mercs and have villas in the south of France

Reality – Schoolwear is a unique business and we have a large amount of money tied up in stock, a lot more than the average retailer as we cannot afford to turn customers away when we are the exclusive supplier for their child’s school uniform.

Myth – We have parents over a barrel as they can’t buy their child’s logo’d uniform anywhere else

Reality – Yes parents do have to come to us for their uniform, someone has to sink a large amount of money, time and space into holding a school’s uniform. Many schools come to us and ask us to sell their uniform a) because it costs the school significant time and money to sell their own uniform and the staff are best utilised for their main purpose – running a school, b) they can only open at certain times to sell this uniform and this is not convenient for parents, more so in the summer holidays, the main selling period, when schools are often not open at all, and c) schools do not have the long established supplier relationships that we have that ensure product continuity and a lower price point due to bulk purchasing.

We see most of our customers in the summer, during this period our many customers see our other many customers and often comment that we are raking it in, the reality is that the other ten months of the year we are relatively quiet and a few months of the year we are so quiet that it actually costs us more to open the doors and pay the staff than the money we take. Why you might ask do we do this? Well part of our promise is that we hold your schoolwear all year around and make it available for you to purchase when you need it, unlike the supermarkets!