To be frank when we first heard of this certain retailer advertising their products with a 100 days guarantee we were gobsmacked. It truly is marketing genius to advertise the poor quality of your products and convince people this is a good thing!

100 days is the minimum we would expect from one of our schoolwear garments and many of our customers do a once a year shop for their polo shirts, sweatshirts etc.

We have always strongly believed that you get what you pay for and it’s all very well buying three polo shirts for £2.50 but where’s the saving when you have to go back and replace them five minutes later?

The products we select to hold in stock are based on two things : – Quality and price.

We maintain a low product price and a standard of quality much higher than the cheaper alternatives. An experiment we tried a couple of years ago was to stock a similarly priced school shirt to that of a supermarket, the result, we hardly sold one and our customers voted with their wallets for the slightly higher priced shirts and blouses that have done our parents proud for years. Our customers are not silly, they realise that in the long run spending a couple of pound extra is a much wiser investment, in fact we do recommend that everyone should purchase their uniform from a supermarket just once to see the difference we’re talking about first hand.

Just a short footnote, pound for pound schoolwear gets a lot more value out of it than fashion wear, it’s washed and ironed two to three times more during its lifespan than out of school clothes and it puts up with more abuse than most big name brand garments could take.