Comments we hear from time to time when dealing with customer returns:-

With respect to an item being returned with a fault – ‘All the other Mum’s are moaning about the product, i’m not the only one’

Thankfully not often true, however if there is ever a serious issue with a garment or product that we sell, as opposed to occasional one offs, we need to be made aware of it quickly and by as many parents who’ve experienced a problem as possible.

We have a reputation for great products and great service but no one’s infallible and occasionally things arise that are beyond our control. Thankfully the vast majority of our customers are fantastic and understand that once in a blue moon we will have a dodgy batch or the machinist at the factory was falling a sleep on a Friday afternoon. We can’t say this enough – if you have a problem with an item please bring it to us as soon as possible. We want every parent to be completely happy with their purchase and if not then we’d like to try our best to rectify that.

An item we had a problem with not so far back was a backpack we sell for one particular school. A very popular item at a good price, unfortunately though the returns rate raised above the industry expected levels.

I’d just like to mention here that every industry, brand, supplier, from Armani to Tesco to French Connection will have a returns rate that’s accepted, it’s a given.

Despite the fact that this was a popular item 20% returns is excessive so we contacted the school, discussed the situation and resourced a new back pack at a lower price, which has proven very favourable amongst parents. The bottom line is that we won’t be happy selling less than A1 and we want eveyone to enjoy full and fit use of their products purchased from us.