Our 25% off sale throughout February was a great success, many parents came in amazingly early to kit out for September. the question we keep getting asked is when’s the next one? Honestly, we don’t know. We’ve never had a sale of that magnitude before, a lot of people think we, as in the independant schoolwear trade, have a nice profit margin, speaking just for ourselves though if we kept selling stock at 25% off we’d soon go under!

New enquiries from schools continue to come in, new schools recently taken on board include Cove Infants in Farnborough and Badshot Lea Village Infants from, well, Badshot Lea! A question we’ve been asked a lot recently is will we be selling the uniform for the newly amalgamated South Camberley Primary School. We hope to find out soon after Monday, (19th March), we’ve been told there are two other tenders involved, but as we are the closest and most experienced supplier locally, coupled with the fact that we supplied the uniform for two, (Bristow, Watchetts), out of the three amalgamated schools, we’d be very dissappointed if we weren’t chosen. Watch this space.

More developments at our Camberley store, we’re just putting the finishing touches to three more changing rooms on our first floor bringing our total at Camberley to eight. Hopefully more than enough to avoid queues during back to school!

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