A few nuggets of wisdom picked up from many years in the schoolwear trade:-

  1. It will get lost even if it has a name tape in the garment – alternatively they will regularly bring home another child’s garment!
  2. If someone doesn’t want to return a garment to the original owner they won’t, irrelevant of how many sew on, iron on, tags, name stamps or similar that may have been used.
  3. Thumb holes in between the cuff and the sleeve will be made by the child working their thumbs through the seam.
  4. Sweatshirts and cardigans will be tumble dried resulting in shrinkage.
  5. You will completely replace an entire lost PE kit only for the old one to re-appear after the next lesson is over.
  6. Knitwear will be occasionally, despite the garment care instructions, be ironed, resulting in a lifeless, limp garment with a shiny effect.
  7. Trouser hems will sometimes come down if the child wears them too long and constantly stand on them with the heel of their shoes.
  8. Boys will never wear trousers around their waist!
  9. There is no such thing as a school skirt that girls can’t roll the waistband down to shorten the skirt.
  10. Shoes will be worn out in double quick time whether they’re £10 or £50 a pair.
  11. Scuffs will happen in the first day of use. It’s not a product fault.
  12. PU and coated leather will start to peel off if scuffed, again not a product fault.
  13. Polo shirts and sweatshirts will be thrown in the same wash together resulting in a new unimagined shade of school polo shirt.
  14. Pilling or bobbling will occasionally occur, this is the loose fibres raising to the surface after a new garment has been washed a few times. For the most part continued washing will remove this completely and you will get many terms out of your garment.
  15. Sweatshirts don’t like being hot ironed either. See Knitwear.
  16. Blazers bought three sizes too big to include growing room do not look good on a child by the time they’ve actually grown into them a year later.
  17. Every now and then a garment will be returned for refund or replacement that has that day’s school dinner on it!