Well the summer chaos is over, there’s been no time at all to blog so this is our catch up!

The usual organised mayhem ensued in the last two weeks of the summer rolling over into the first week of the school term for all those last minute ‘Didn’t know they’d outworn them/lost them/grown out of them’ items.

We didn’t do too badly on stock this year, we plan many months in advance for the summer period, taking into account sales from the previous 2/3 years coupled with intake figures, trends etc. There are every year, without fail, one or two items that have a surge in sales that completely betrays our best estimates and previous sales figures, thankfully though we can always re-stock pretty speedily. Considering we now supply the uniforms for forty nine schools, equating to thousands of children, we are happy with the service we provide and don’t judge these one or two items to be a stain on our reputation or service.

There are inevitably issues that are out of our hands and completely beyond our control, due to supply chain, which can range from containers being stuck in customs to order input errors at the manufacturers. Human error at various points in the supply chain are an occurence that leads to products missing shipment, items not actually being booked to an order etc., we try to be as open and honest as possible with our customers when these issues arise.

We are firm believers of not leading our valuable and loyal customers astray with cover stories, we are all human and expect to be treated with respect and courtesy and likewise this is how we treat our customers. From the get go with suppliers we encourage them to be extremely upfront and brutally honest. It may sound very nice promising the earth will be delivered but not any good when it doesn’t turn up!