Following the recently published report by Sue Oxley I was prompted to email her with a couple of points that always get forgotten in this unfair comparison between us, the independent schoolwear retailer, and the supermarkets.

I was called by BBC Radio 5Live this morning for an interview but personal circumstances means I’m unfortunately not able to do this. I did however pass my comments to the producer who said she will put them to the OFT on air.

All of these reports, articles etc only focus on one thing – the initial cost outlay. No focus is ever placed on how often the item needs replacing and the cost per wear. What’s the point in getting a bargain for a few pound if you need to replace it more often than the higher quality, higher priced garment?

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Hi Susan,

The one thing you guys never, ever take into account is value for money and cost per wear.

Yes our products are always going to be a pound or two higher than the supermarkets, that’s because the supermarkets sell inferior products that need replacing two/three times as often.

For example, two of our sweatshirts would cost just under £18.00, in the same time you would go through maybe three, (Or more), @ £7 each. Where’s the value for money for parents then?

When will the likes of the OFT and Which? compare apples with apples for a change!!

By the way, isn’t it about time the OFT looked into loss leaders and banned them?

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