Better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all!

After dipping our feet in the bowlswear and accessories market at our Camberley store for the past three years we’ve decided to knock it on the head. It started very well in the first year but from there after just ticked over and then sales started to reduce. Whether it’s do the economic climate, not keen enough pricing or location we can only best guess, the bottom line is no business these days can afford to carry ‘dead weight’ that isn’t earning it’s floor space!

So to that end we are having a massive bowls sales with everything massively reduced in price!

Men’s and ladies bowls shoes in white, grey and tan, men and ladies white and grey trousers, ladies skirts and cropped trousers in white and grey from leading brands Emsmorn and Henselite. Emsmorn Ventilite waterproof jackets and trousers, fleeces, rink jackets, Mistral fleece lined shower proof jackets, Sportex Polos and Blouses all reduced!

Not stopping there we’ve got carriers, bags, luggage, caps, hats, gloves, belts, pickups, Grippo, Toucha Spray, bowls polish, socks and much more, there’s also a couple of sets of Henselite bowls going for a bargain!

Please pop in or call on 01276 469697 or visit our website where you can order online, although there are some items in store not on our website.

Here’s to the next big idea!