We’re not daft or oblivious here at Brenda’s. We hear it all, every comment you can imagine regarding the school uniform trade, our store, prices, ‘cant get it anywhere else’ etc etc. Much of it said away from our ears and much of it so we full well know about it!

That’s the great thing about social media and our personal philosophy of maximum transparency of our business. The ups, downs, pros and cons. Whether you are one of our customers, a school we supply the uniform for, or one of the suppliers or manufacturers we use, we believe in being upfront and honest and letting everyone know what’s happening.

This is time of year is generally known in the trade as schoolwear retailer bashing period. Attacked constantly by the press regarding sole supplier status of uniform providers. Our trade held up for comparison side by side to the likes of, for a very recent example, Aldi’s £4 ‘complete’ school uniform offer. What superb quality that must be!

We don’t and never have opted to supply the cheapest uniform going. Retail price is certainly a factor in our considerations but Our aim is for you to have the most durable and cost effective items that will maintain their shape colour and all round appearance over a period of time. The same can’t be said for the cheap as chips (literally) supermarket offerings.

Sixty five schools and nurseries trust us to supply their uniform – consistent in style, colour, quality and price – year in, year out. All of this without any kind of door to door sales or direct marketing, but through word of mouth between schools and parents, that we do what we say and with a smile on our face as well as a good morning or good afternoon to all.

Thank you to both parents for your continued patronage (even if at times you do feel forced and without choice you are honestly in good hands), schools for entrusting us with your uniform supply and to our suppliers for coming up with the goods time and time again.

I hope you all have a fantastic summer 🙂