It’s been a while, a lot’s been happening!

Where to start?

After a full year of our Farnborough and Camberley stores amalgamated into one big schoolwear store we’re very happy with how things have gone. A few kinks were maybe to be expected but generally it’s gone very well. Summer 2014 was our best ever and this year we plan to have even more summer staff to keep the queues down to a minimum and keep the shelves full of stock. We have a great team here at Brenda’s and often when our summer staff go back to College and University in early September many remark that they will miss the family atmosphere. It’s always a crazy busy time but the fantastic staff and our lovely customers make it a great time of year – and not just for the obvious extra trade!

If we had the same trade as summer all year round, yes we’d be sitting on beaches somewhere hotter than the UK, but alas for ten and a half months a year it’s a very quiet business to be in!

A mention about two Brenda’s Schoolwear on Google in the same place but not!

Google is confused. I may be partly to blame but Google were given the opportunity to fix it and they didn’t. As things currently stand I’m still patiently awaiting a call back from them.

If you Google ‘Brenda’s’ we come up with an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ map marker. Previously this was nice and straightforward, A was our old Farnborough store and B was our Camberley store. When we merged the two stores in December 2013 we followed all the online Google instructions to mark that branch as closed. They sent us a pretty postcard with a secret code to prove it was us and not just a rival trying to ‘virtually’ shut down one of our stores. We entered the code, changed the details to our Camberley store and left it at that.

Since then we’ve had a number of calls from puzzled customers sat outside our old Farnborough store telling us Google had sent them there. What appears to have happened is that despite the address details and the store image both being of our store in Camberley the ‘A’ map marker still points to our old Farnborough post code. Please accept our apologies if you are one of the unfortunate sat navers who’ve ended up sitting outside a dog groomers!

Logo Trousers and Skirts

A more and more popular option these days with secondary schools to combat extreme styles – skinnie fits mainly – is to introduce a standard trouser or skirt with a small logo emblazoned on them to confirm correct style. To clear things up this logo usually adds about fifty pence to a garment, a number of parents believe that because the trousers/skirts have a logo the price will be through the roof. Not the case. We sell the same hard wearing and well styled trousers and skirts as we always have and have not changed brand or added/taken away styles. We’ve sold the same brands of senior skirts and trousers for a number of years because they’re hard wearing, cost effective and above all smart. So when a school asks us about adding a logo to a skirt or trouser we will always recommend the brands we currently sell as they work.


After taking a year sabbatical from Facebook we’re back! Please pop by and say hi 🙂