Let’s just put this out there – We do not pay commission on sales in store and online to any school.

Brenda’s do not pay any school to sell their uniform.

We’ve built our service through years of hard work, we don’t buy school uniform sales agreements.

Schools have come to us in the past and asked us to sell their uniform only to take their business elsewhere because we’ve refused to pay a chunk of the sales back to the school.

Schools do need support, PTA’s, Xmas Fairs etc, but we’re a retailer, a family business. It’s not in our remit to financially support schools. We love giving raffle prizes out for Xmas/Summer Fairs, Fetes etc, sponsoring the odd team kit or school trip. We support schools by them not having to invest their own time, money and staff into uniform. And of course being here all year round for parents.

For a long time many have assumed that everyone in our trade gets ‘Their cut’. It’s also a comment we’ve heard a number of parents say to us over the years.

M&S pay a cut to the schools that use their service. Tesco pays a cut to the schools that use their service. Who do you think pays for that?

It’s the parents.

That cut has to come from somewhere. So it will be priced into your uniform. Aside from your taxes you already pay you get taxed again to send your children to school. But it’s ok because these retailers are household names isn’t it?

We don’t think this is fair which is why we don’t do it.

This blog post was prompted by a group of parents from a secondary school in Ash that we supply the uniform to. They were extremely vocal, almost slanderous, in telling others that we paid their school ‘thousands’ to be able to sell their uniform. They were very wrong.