Nipple rubbing from polo shirt logos.


Something that’s raised its head over the last year is the issue of some children getting sore nipples from the back of the logo embroidery on polo shirts rubbing in sensitive areas.

It’s an issue that we’ve heard on occasion over the years but the number of reports to us compared to the volume of polo shirts sold make the issue apparently an extremely isolated one.


However I do have current first-hand experience of this issue.

I have two young daughters at Infant school and my six year old has to wear a plaster over her nipple to avoid rubbing, for some reason though my youngest daughter isn’t affected by it. Nothing at all has changed with the logo embroidery or brand.


A common misconception is that there is/was a backing on the embroidery from the start when in fact there isn’t. What you can see or have seen in the past is embroiderer’s backing which actually goes in between the polo shirt and embroidery to give the fabric strength to embroider to. This is torn off and remains often just wash away, it is not meant to nor provides any rear protection at all to the back of the logo.

Unusually this isn’t an issue that’s limited to one brand or supplier – we’ve heard of instances of M&S and Tesco embroidered garments causing the same problem – and even in our store we are talking about different brands which have caused rubbing. It seems to be apparently an issue that can be found across the UK, although in what measure we can only guess.


School logo embroideries are sometimes simple, sometimes complex. The more complex usually means the stitch count is higher, creating a more dense and hard piece of embroidery with potential to rub – however our feedback is not from this type of logo but a cross section of average designs.

Positioning of the logo is something else we’ve looked at; I asked my daughter with her school polo on to point at her nipple location and it was upper left-ish of the logo, not located near any particularly abrasive element of the logo.


Brenda’s have been thinking long and hard for not just solutions but interim options to remove the immediate issue. Ultimately this isn’t something that particular blame can be laid but we want all children to be comfortable in their uniform.


We believe we have found an interim solution for parents, which is a soft iron on interface backing.

We will distribute these in store, free of charge, to any parent who asks for them, providing three per polo shirt along with iron on instructions. The size is cut so that they completely overlay the embroidery from the rear and ensure maximum adhesion.

They have been tested and washed although we can’t replicate long term use at the moment hence why we will give out three per polo shirt required. We hope this will alleviate the problem for affected children and we continue to work with embroiderers and manufacturers to look at ways of avoiding this in the future.


At Brenda’s we are always looking for ways to make children, and parents, happier and more comfortable with the garments that are used everyday for school and we always welcome feedback and suggestions.