We sell school uniform – clothing made for use specifically at school.

Supermarkets sell clothes that are worn at school. There is a huge difference.
The suppliers we use have often been established for fifty to one hundred years and have evolved over that period along with the dynamics of uniform use in schools today.

They spend thousands of pounds every year researching – creating more durable fabrics, looking at which type of stitching works best with the unique uses of schoolwear, ensuring garments are safe, durable, versatile, colour fast, comfortable and of course cost effective.

They put in details that you may never notice but are there. Glued in trouser creases to make ironing easier, alternative stitch patterns to reduce irritation, numerous coatings and fabric research, invisible hems and much more.


The slogans of some of our preferred supplier/manufacturers say it all;
‘Schoolwear for longer’
David Luke
‘Schoolwear & more’
‘Smarter for longer’
Rowlinson Knitwear
Think about what’s implied within those slogans and the aspirations of these companies.
‘Every little helps’
We all know this one. The obvious inference is the bottom line is more important than the product
In comparison the supermarket design teams will sit down with pen and paper and ask two questions – how many frills can we add to be fashionable and how can it be made as cheaply as possible?
The only research done is into bottom lines and how they can hoodwink parents into thinking they can have the best price AND the best schoolwear.
School uniform suppliers – proper school uniform suppliers – are here to stay, and always will be, as long as parents want to send their children to school in proper uniform.