We are very proud to have been awarded Accredited Retailer status by the Retail Ombudsman!

This means that we have satisfied the strict accreditation criteria of the Retail Ombudsman including:

Our terms and conditions of business are legally compliant, fair and easy to understand,
We have a fair returns policy,
We have a fair complaints policy,
We have had our VAT status verified,
We have had our contact details verified,
We have had a unique check of our website carried out.

This is just a small overview of the many aspects required to achieve accreditation.




Brenda’s are also fully fledged members of the Schoolwear Association and have been since their inception over ten years ago. We sign up to a strict code of conduct for best practice of sales and supply of school uniform.

All part of our continued commitment to provide the best schoolwear product and service to our customers and schools 🙂