Whenever we hear about any potential issues we like to address them face on. We don’t hide or make excuses, we do though have the benefit of years of experience in this very unique market that is school wear.


Most often an issue we see is due to mitigating circumstances – it won’t be the first time we’ve seen it and won’t be the last. It won’t be due to one particular brand, item or colour – instances such as thumb holes in cuffs, torn neck seams from being yanked off hooks, trouser hems coming down from children standing on them when they push them off with their feet, limp and shiny garments as a result of ironing or high settings on tumble dryers have caused problems over the years.


No clothing manufacturer is infallible, from Armani to Primarni, occasional batches go awry, or someone loses concentration at their sewing machine on a Friday afternoon in the factory! In these instances we will always look to resolve as soon as possible and to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. Crikey we often even give away garments to replace items that we know for a fact aren’t faulty!



A great case for an example is some recent feedback, not new, about Crawley Ridge Infant School polo shirts, and comments that they can go a horrible grotty colour.


There is not a problem with this garment or brand.


When Crawley Ridge Junior School had a pale yellow polo prior to their change to emerald green, the same issues occasionally popped up and they were a different brand and model of garment, which proves it’s not the garment’s fault. What causes discolouration in some of these polos shirts is when they are washed with dark coloured garments, or more uniquely in this case the brown sweatshirts or cardigans, not an ideal washing combo!

They need to be washed with whites or better still on their own, and ideally, along with all sweats, cardigans and pullovers, inside out.

The same rings true for gold polo shirts that we sell for two other schools!


We’ll always try to educate whilst ensuring customer satisfaction, we want your garments to perform to their best – not easy, who likes to be told they’re washing or ironing something wrong, and who wants to be the one to tell them!


If you have an issue with a garment, perceived or otherwise, please bring it to us, we’ll happily advise and give you the benefit of our experience, and if it’s faulty we’ll change it – reporting an ‘issue’ to the school only wastes your time and theirs, please come straight to us and we’ll fix it   🙂